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Cockpit Voice Recorders: Upgrading Mechanical A100/A100A/93A100-xx CVRs to Solid State CVRs

Can the A100 or A100A Cockpit Voice Recorder be converted to record 2 hours of audio?

No.  All A100 and A100A CVRs contain a fixed loop of tape.  The recording duration is limited to 30 minutes.

What product replaces the tape Cockpit Voice Recorder?

For most aircraft presently operating the A100 / A100A / 93A100-xx CVR, the current production 2100-1020-00 is a slide-in direct replacement.

Are any modifications required to the aircraft, when upgrading the A100 or A100A Cockpit Voice Recorder?

No.  The mounting tray, mating connector, and aircraft wiring are unaffected.

What about upgrading the GA-100 Cockpit Voice Recorder?

L-3 offers a General Aviation derivative of the FA2100 CVR, for upgrading older GA-100s.  Be sure to consult with L-3 Product Support in Sarasota, Florida, for details on compatibility.

Do I replace my Control Unit and Cockpit Area Microphone, when upgrading from a tape CVR to Solid State?

Yes.  L-3 offers direct replacement upgrades for Controllers and Mics.  No airframe or wiring alterations are involved.

How do I validate the integrity of the upgraded CVR system?

L-3 recommends a ground test of the SSCVR system, with the use of its 17TES0043 Portable Interface handheld device.

My aircraft’s CVR power is 28VDC, and uses Fairchild A140 Inverter for the CVR. Do I also use this for the FA2100?

No.  The 2100-1020-00 CVR can accept AC or DC power.  No external Inverter module is needed.

I am using a Fairchild Rotor Speed Encoder with a tape CVR. Do I also use this for the FA2100?

No.  In most rotorcraft installations, the Encoder is no longer needed with the FA2100 CVR.  The FA2100 can accept direct frequency inputs of Rotor Speed data.

My aircraft operates a Model A100S Solid State CVR, part number S100-0080-00. What is the recording duration for the A100S?

The A100S has a recording duration of 30 minutes.  There are no modifications available that will increase the duration to 120 minutes.

Do I keep my Underwater Locator Beacon when upgrading from a tape CVR to a Solid State CVR?

No.  All newly manufactured Model FA2100 SSCVRs are delivered with Underwater Locator Beacons.

What type of Underwater Locator Beacon is included with the SSCVR?

L-3 delivers all recorders with 90-day Beacons which are approved under FAA TSO-C121b.

What is the Warranty on a new crash recorder from L-3?

Five (5) year transferrable Warranty on all L-3 crash recorders.