L3 offers the following equipment to facilitate the downloading of data from our Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) products:


Portable Interface (PI) Unit

Quick, easy FA2100 recorder data retrieval

L3’s lightweight Portable Interface (PI) is a simple yet sophisticated handheld portable interface device that gives operators the ability quickly and effortlessly retrieve data from FA2100 recorders. The user interface – a seven-key keypad and an eight-line display – allows stand-alone ability to perform a variety of data retrieval functions critical to operational effectiveness.

Portable Interface (PI) Features:

  • Enables storage of data from multiple aircraft flights using high-capacity PC card (PCMCIA)
  • Permits simultaneous CVR reproduction of six analog channels and enables real-time audio monitoring
  • Powered by the FA2100 FDR, CVR and CVDR recorder

Read-Out Support Equipment Analysis (RAU) Unit

On-aircraft retrieval of flight recorder data

The compact and versatile L3 ROSE Analysis Unit (RAU) was designed for on-aircraft retrieval of flight recorder data, flight data analysis and data report development. The RAU uses a Microsoft Windows XP/7 laptop computer installed with L3 AR Read-Out Support Equipment (ROSE) software. The RAU also is used for on-aircraft parameter validation and verification of aircraft flight data recorder systems.

The RAU:

  • Monitors live data and downloads stored data
  • Enables data decompression
  • Tests previous-generation flight data recorders with optional interface cables
  • Works effectively with the Portable Interface/2

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