Enhanced Color Multipurpose Display Unit

6” x 8” XGA Active Matrix LCD

The L3 Enhanced Color Multipurpose Display Unit (ECMDU) is a versatile 10.3-inch-viewable, AMLCD-based video display that provides a wide range of vital flight information for flight crews. When combined with multiple ECMDUs, they serve as Primary Flight and Mission Displays to provide critical situational awareness and other flight information.


  • Enhanced multipurpose cockpit display
  • High-resolution XGA (122 CGPI), 8-bit color display
  • Hemispherical, high-contrast ±60° viewing angle
  • Luminance range from 0.03 fL to 250+ fL with NVIS

Advanced graphics capabilities

The ECMDU features DO-178B, Level A-certified embedded processing/graphics. It also features mission video capture/graphics processing with video rotation, scaling and panning capability. The unit uses DO-178B, Level A software to process its data. The ECMDU is a sunlight readable display that is night vision compatible.

Wide range of features

The ECMDU is a very versatile display unit with a wide range of features. It has minimal X, Y, Z dimensions. The unit features digital TAXI bus video, includes a MIL-STD-1553 interface, and meets full MIL environments. It offers various EFIS, MFD, EICAS and video bezel options. The ECMDU is lightweight and requires low power, operating from 28 VDC.


Viewable Area 6.3”(w) x 8.3”(h); 10.3” diagonal
Addressability Flexible autoscaling
Resolution 1024×768 (XGA); 122 CGPI
Color 8-bit (16.7M colors)/256 gray shades
Luminance 0.03 fL to 250+ fL
Viewing Angles ±60° horizontal, +50°/-20° vertical
High Ambient Contrast Ratio > 5:1 over entire viewing cone
NVIS Gen. III, Type I, Class B compliant


Dimensions 7.8”(w) x 10.78”(h) x 6.5”(d)
Weight Nominal: 15 lb.
Cooling Internal fan
Primary Power 28 VDC, 78 W nomial (143 W max.)
Bezel Configuration EFIS, MFD, custom


Video Interfaces Digital TAXI bus, DVI, RGB, NTSC, ARINC 708
Video Out Y/C, NTSC
Signal Interfaces MIL-STD-1553B, Ethernet
Inclinometer (Optional)


Temperature Operating: -40 °C to +71 °C
Storage: -54 °C to +85 °C
Shock 15G op., 30G CS
Vibration Method 514.4, MIL-STD-810E
Altitude 50,000 ft.
Reliabilty 9,500+ hours MTBF

Product Support

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Email: kimberley.english@L3T.com

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