EFI-650 CRT-to-LCD

Plug-and-play unit provides easy upgrade option

L3’s EFI-650 Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) display upgrade provides a plug-and-play replacement for Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays installed on a large number of business and regional aircraft. The EFI-650, which is fully interchangeable with legacy displays, reduces weight by 50 percent and employs the latest display technologies and enhancements for greater reliability and lower life-cycle cost.


  • Form/Fit/Function Replacement — requires no aircraft modifications
  • Eliminates Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and high-voltage power supply for improved reliability
  • Advanced Thomas ADA 2.0 display processing technology from Thomas Global Systems

Versatile and compact

The EFI-650 uses the latest-generation Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) technology and solid-state LED backlighting to eliminate the maintenance cost and obsolescence concerns associated with aging CRTs.

Reliable, lighter, less expensive

The EFI-650 displays provide higher reliability, reduced weight and lower life-cycle cost. The EFI-650 eliminates the outdated Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) display and its associated high-voltage power supply for improved reliability. The new design reduces display weight by 50 percent and provides a growth path for future enhancements such as Satellite-based Augmentation System (SBAS) approach, windshear annunciation and ADS-B In.


Viewable Area 3.4” (h) x 4.53” (w)
Addressability 6-bits per color
Resolution 640 x 480 (VGA)
Color 262,144 possible; Video interface supports palette of 13 colors + black
Luminance 0.1 fL to ~150 fL
Viewing Angles ±45° horizontal; +45°, -23° vertical
High Amb. Contrast Ratio > 3:1 across viewing envelope


Dimensions (H x W x D) w/inclinometer: 5.1” x 6.1” x 11.0”
w/out inclinometer: 5.1” x 6.1” x 10.5”
Weight Approx. 5 lb.
Cooling Passive convective
Heating Integrated heater
Primary Power 28 VDC per DO-160G, Sec. 16, Cat. B;
Operate thru 200 ms power interrupt
Power Consumption < 50 Watts
Bezel Configuration Photosensors for automatic dimming
in response to ambient light


Video Interfaces Analog (stroke and raster) video
Video Out Analog (stroke and raster)
Signal Interfaces Analog and discrete
Other (i.e. Inclinometer) Inclinometer is dimmable under control of
aircraft lighting bus


Temperature & Altitude Sec. 4, Cat. A2
Low Operating Temp Sec. 4.5.2, -20 °C
Low Short-Term Operating Temp Sec. 4.5.1, -40 °C
High Short-Term Operating Temp Sec. 4.5.3, +70 °C
High Operating Temp Sec. 4.5.4, +70 °C
Loss of Cooling Test Sec. 4.5.5, 240 min @ 40 °C
Ground Survival Low Temp Sec. 4.5.1, -55 °C
Ground Survival High Temp Sec. 4.5.3, +85 °C
Altitude Sec. 4.6.1, 25,000 ft.
Decompression Test Sec. 4.6.2, 25,000 ft.
Overpressure Test Sec. 4.6.3, -15,000 ft.
Temperature Variation Sec. 5, Cat. C
Humidity Sec. 6, Cat. A
Operational Shocks & Crash Safety Sec. 7, Cat. B
Vibration Sec. 8, Cat. SM
Explosion Proofness Sec. 9, Cat. X
Waterproofness Sec. 10, Cat. W
Fluids Susceptibility Sec. 11, Cat. F
Sand and Dust Sec. 12, Cat. X
Fungus Resistance Sec. 13, Cat. X
Salt Fog Sec. 14, Cat. X
Magnetic Effect Sec. 15, Cat. Z
Power Input Sec. 16, Cat. BRX
Voltage Spike Sec. 17, Cat. A
Aud. Freq. Conducted Susceptibility Power Inputs Sec. 18, Cat. Z
Induced Signal Susceptibility Sec. 19, Cat. ZC/CC
Radio Frequency Susceptibility Sec. 20, Cat. MD
Emission of Radio Freq. Energy Sec. 21, Cat. M
Lightning Induced Transient
Sec. 22
Power Bundle: A4G3L3
Signal Wiring: A3J3L3
Lightning Direct Effects Sec. 23, Cat. X
Icing Sec. 24, Cat. X
Electrostatic Discharge Sec. 25, Cat. A
Fire Flammability Sec. 26, Cat. C

Product Support

Contact: Kimberley English

Phone: +1 (616) 285-4236
Email: kimberley.english@L3T.com

Mailing Address:

1355 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30004


Component Maintenance Manual with Illustrated Parts List
P/N: E57A000-00-000