EHSI-4000 Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator

Setting a new standard for EHSI

This next-generation EHSI unit is defining a new standard by integrating a fully digital design and flat panel technology. Designed to replace older electro-mechanical horizontal situation indicators, the EHSI-4000 provides distance, bearing and course information in a 3-ATI size display, yielding a lightweight and compact layout. It combines the advantages of digital precision and solid-state reliability into a unit that is intuitive to operate in any environment. And when used with the ESIS GH-3000, key flight information will be available even if either unit is damaged or fails.

The new standard for EHSI:

  • Fully digital design
  • Flat-panel technology
  • Intuitive operation in any environment

Powerful graphics processing, easy-to-read displays

With the incorporation of a powerful graphics processor and anti-aliased graphics, the EHSI-4000 provides superior capabilities for today’s military aircraft. The EHSI-4000 offers an easy-to-read display as well as proven high reliability. The unit incorporates an Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) that is visible in direct sunlight as well as a dark cockpit. A built-in photocell on the front bezel, when used in conjunction with the setting of the aircraft bus, automatically adapts to ambient lighting conditions.

Combining systems strengthens back up

When combined with the ESIS GH-3000, the EHSI-4000 provides flight crews with comprehensive backup of air data, attitude and navigation information. The “wraparound” capabilities of this coupled arrangement allow information sharing to ensure consistent, reliable and redundant flight information. Sufficient redundancy is designed into this combination so that the loss of either unit will still provide important navigation information.

Size 3-ATI
Weight Less than 3 lb.
Electrical 28 VDC @ 1.5 amps
26 VAC
400 Hz
0 to 4.5 VAC/DAC bus
Environmental Tested to MIL-STD-461/-462/-810
Brightness NVIS display brightness mode switch
0.04 fL to 150 fL

Product Support

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