Data Transfer Systems

Military-grade data storage and transfer

L3’s Series 4 dual-port Gigabit (Gb) Ethernet, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Data Transfer System (DTS) provides a compact, self-contained system to store and retrieve data from a removable Serial ATA (SATA) flash disk in the most demanding environments. The data transfer system components are a Data Transfer Unit (DTU) single- or dual-removable DTD, a removable Data Transfer Device (DTD) and a Ground Support Unit (GSU).  Data storage capacities 64 GB to 1 TB.  Data Transfer rates up to 100 MB/sec.

Rugged solution for demanding military, aerospace environments

The Targa Series 4 Removable SSD Disk System provides a compact, self-contained data storage solution for a wide range of military, aerospace, avionics and ground vehicle systems. These systems include flight management, cockpit instrument display, terrain awareness and warning, map systems, radar systems, cockpit/ground communications, navigation positioning, and satellite communications. The removable disk feature in all Series 4 units allows for quick and easy updating of files.

A small package with great versatility and reliability built in

With the Targa Series 4 DTU, operators get a lightweight, rugged system with reliable data storage (up to 1 TB), high-speed security erase, a variety of interfaces (Gbit Ethernet, USB, SATA), fast data transfer rates (100 MB/sec), and a variety of mounting options, including panel-mount (DZUS), hard-mount, desktop unit and panel-mount Ethernet NAS – single- or dual-DTD.

Product Support

Phone: +1 (613) 727-9876


Phone: +1 (613) 727-9876

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