LED Round Gauges

Modern solid-state replacements for legacy units

L3’s LED round gauges take advantage of modern solid-state display technology to provide a rugged, cost-effective replacement for the current analog electro-mechanical indicators. The LED round gauges are a simple drop-in replacement for a wide range of indicators, utilizing existing aircraft wiring and connectors to simplify installation.


  • 2-inch round dial
  • Solid-state device (LED) has increased tolerance to shock, vibration and temperature
  • Significant weight reduction compared to LCD technology and current electro-mechanical approach
  • Increased reliability and reduced power over LCD technology

Many replacement opportunities

L3’s LED round gauges are designed to replace a wide variety of outdated electro-mechanical and LCD technology indicators, including hydraulic pressure, hydraulic temperature, hydraulic reservoir level, RPM, air speed, altimeter, turbine inlet temperature, fuel flow, fuel quantity, engine oil temperature, engine oil pressure, and vertical scale indicators. LED round gauges are simple to install, using existing connectors and wiring.

Versatile, compact, lightweight

L3 round gauges provide the essential form, fit and digital technologies required in today’s modern aircraft. The two-inch round dial incorporates a solid-state design to increase tolerance to shock, vibration and temperature. Because the unit requires no software or microprocessor, it eliminates a key area for obsolescence and certification.


Luminance Day: > 150 fL
Night Bright: 1.0 fL
Night Dim: 0.15 fL
NVIS MIL-L-85762 Class A Compatible


Dimensions 2.0” (dia) x 2.75” (d)
Weight Approx. 1.0 lb.
Input Power 28 VDC
Power Consumption 1 to 4 W (varies based on brightness)


  • Analog input (1) [0-5VDC]
  • Resistive input (1) [65-155 ohms]
  • RMS input (1) [0-5VAC]
  • RMS output (1) [5.3 VAC]
  • Open/Ground discrete inputs (2)


Arc of 39 LEDs
Three (3) digital numerical display
Limit (out of range) indicator
Exceedance capture & display
Built-in test

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