Military Standby Attitude Indicators

ADI-350 Gyro 3” and AI-803 Gyro 2” provide vital back-up for emergencies

When a power failure occurs in flight, pilots need access to accurate attitude and other critical information. With L3 Gyros, this vital information is ready in seconds, enabling safe piloting decisions for a return to base for repairs. L3 systems are built to military standards and provide backup in a variety of platforms, including helicopters, unmanned aerial systems, remotely piloted vehicles, fixed-wing aircraft, and military and air transport platforms.

Key Military Gyro Benefits:

  • Rugged design to ensure performance in challenging environments
  • Night-vision goggle (NVG)-compatible
  • Bottom role scale options
  • Built to demanding MIL standards

ADI-350 Military Indicators

The ADI-350 is a self-contained 3” attitude indicator that is night vision goggle-compatible like the AI-803. It is compact and can be integrated easily into the cockpit to provide reliable backup information when it’s needed. Designed and built to strict MIL standards, the AI-803 features direct mechanical linkage that eliminates electrical servo lag response time.


  • 28 VDC operation (18 VDC to 30 VDC)
  • Self-contained lateral and fore/aft acceleration compensation
  • Power-off warning flag
  • Wheel speed monitoring
  • Bottom role scale option

AI-803 Self-Contained 2” Standby Gyro

The AI-803 is a self-contained 2” standby gyro built to strict MIL standards that has been in service with military customers for many years. Its compact size allows it to fit virtually anywhere in the cockpit to quickly provide accurate attitude and other critical information in the event of a power failure.


  • Night-Vision Goggle (NVG)-compatible
  • Eliminates the need for components associated with remotes systems
  • Provides up to nine minutes of usable attitude information after complete power loss
  • 28 VDC operation
  • 360° roll, 360° pitch with controlled precession
  • Power-off warning flag

Product Support

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