Multi-Purpose Display (MPD)

Versatile display supports multi-mission combat requirements

The AH-64 6.25” x 6.25” Multi-Purpose Display (MPD) is a high-resolution display that provides both color and monochrome video with color symbology that supports flight, mission operations and situational awareness to the crew. It is adaptable to any 6” x 6” military application. Cost of ownership is minimized through built-in growth features and technologies that eliminate the need for expensive software re-certification.


  • High-resolution (1024 x 1024) color AMLCD display
  • Optimized for presentation of video and flight/mission symbology
  • Adaptable to any 6” x 6” military application
  • High reliability

LED backlights enhance performance, reliability

To enhance performance and reliability the 6.25” x 6.25” MPD incorporates Light-Emitting Diode (LED) backlighting. The display and bezel are both NVIS A- and B-compliant meeting the critical mission requirements of the Apache warfighter. They can be adapted for use on any military aircraft with minimal changes.

Day or night, color or monochrome

The versatile 6.25” x 6.25” MPD offers day and night modes to extend its brightness range. The display is readable in sunlight and provides both color (NVIS-B) and monochrome (NVIS-A) modes. It also features growth provisions for touchscreen and future digital video formats.


Viewable Area 6.25”(w) x 6.25”(h); 8.8” diagonal
Pixel Resolution 1024 x 1024; 163.8 CGPI
Pixel Configuration RGB stripe
Color 256 intensity levels per primary color
Luminance Day/Night: < 0.01 fL to > 300 fL
Mono (Green): < 0.01 fL to > 10 fL
Viewing Angle > ±30° horizontal, > +35°/+10° vertical
Day Contrast Ratio > 9:1 over entire viewing cone
NVIS Type I, Class A- and B-compliant


Dimensions 8.5”(w) x 8.5”(h) x 8.6”(d)
Weight 10.8 lb.
Cooling Internal fans
Bezel Aluminum; LED backlit (NVIS-compatible)


Interfaces RS-232/422 (2), DV-I Quad, discretes (6)
Power Input 115 VAC, 400 Hz 3-phase, main power
5 VDC bezel power


Temperature Operating: -40 °C to +71 °C
Storage: -57 °C to +85 °C
Gunfire Vibration Meets MIL-STD-810 requirements
Aircraft Shock 20 G, 11 msec
Altitude 0 to 20,000 ft
Reliabilty 5,000 hours MTBF
EMI/EMC Meets MIL-STD-461E; DO-160E
Environmental Meets MIL-STD-810 requirements

Product Support

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