Large Area Display (LAD)

20” x 8” Active Matrix LCD provides best value

L3’s PANTHR™ Large Area Display (LAD) is a self-contained, fault-tolerant, multi-function airborne display. The PANTHR LAD is a best-value technical solution for the presentation of critical flight and operational data. It provides an optimal balance of exceptional performance, life-cycle affordability, low risk, and long-term supportability. And it is ruggedized to perform effectively in a tactical aircraft environment.


  • High-resolution, large-area AMLCD provides crisp, high-quality presentations of video and graphics
  • LED backlighting supports full sunlight and night operational modes
  • Dual-channel high-performance video processing subsystem

Modernized display makes data viewing easy

The PANTHR LAD is a capable, multi-function display that presents clear, crisp, high-fidelity graphics and video overlays/windows onto two separately addressable 1280 x 1024 video screens via one, monolithic 2560 x 1024 Active Matrix LCD. Its design simplicity eliminates clutter in the modern cockpit and gives pilots a sense of security knowing they can access vital information on a large, easy-to-view screen.

Modular open architecture in a ruggedized package

The PANTHR LAD features a modular open architecture that enables easy reconfiguration of the system as needs or technologies change. Its infrared five-point multi-touch touchscreen uses modern technologies to ensure it is ready to accept ever-evolving software development. The entire display is ruggedized to ensure it performs effectively at all times – even in a tactical aircraft environment.


Viewable Area 20.0”(w) x 8.0”(h); 21.5” diagonal
Backlight Light-Emitting Diode (LED)
Resolution 2560 x 1024, 128 dpi/8-bit color
Luminance Day: 10 fL to 290 fL (minimum)
Night: 0.025 fL to 25 fL
Viewing Angle ±90° horizontal/vertical inherent,
Tuned to mission environment (tactical, transport, rotary, other)
Touch Screen Optional; Infrared (IR), 5-point multi-touch
Contrast Ratio > 10:1 (high ambient lighting)
NVIS Provisions NVIS B


Dimensions 21.79” (w) x 9.73” (h) x 4.75” (d)
Weight 20 lb. minimum
Cooling Internal fans
Primary Power 28 VDC, 150 W nominal (full bright/fans on)


Primary Interfaces DVI (copper); RS-422
Optional Interfaces DVI (fibre); ARINC 818; DisplayPort™


Temperature Operating: -40 °C to +71 °C
Storage: -54 °C to +85 °C
Ruggedization Tactical aircraft environment
Altitude 65,000 ft.
Reliabilty > 5,000 hours MTBF
EMI/EMC Tactical aircraft environment


• Attached or separate control panel (Off-Night-Day brightness control)
• Bezel-mounted switches

Product Support

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