TAWS+ is the safer terrain solution

The TAWS+ Terrain Awareness Warning System is an advanced terrain prediction and avoidance technology that provides superior functionality in a 2-MCU Line Replaceable Unit. In applications where an ACSS integrated traffic management system (T²CAS®, T³CAS®) is not needed, TAWS+ is the safer terrain solution.

Terrain Advisory Line for enhanced hazard alerts

TAWS+ incorporates Terrain Advisory Line (TAL), Avoid Terrain and Engine-Out features. With its unique TAL feature, TAWS+ goes beyond aural and visual alerts, extending the standard cautionary terrain segment relative to the current aircraft altitude. TAL reaches out to 30° on either side of the aircraft flight path and out as far as two minutes in front of the aircraft, providing flight crews with an enhanced indication of potential hazards in the flight path.

The most complete picture for situational awareness

Because its alerts are based on each aircraft’s actual ability to climb, TAWS+ provides an added layer of safety over conventional TAWS systems. Sophisticated modeling of aircraft climb capabilities provides the most complete picture for improved situational awareness. Available with standard aircraft climb rate, TAWS+ offers a unique set of enhanced features, and an optional GPS card can be installed in the same unit, providing even greater situational awareness capability.

TAWS+ & TAWS+performance

Base P/N: 9003500-XXXXX


Dimensions 2 MCU (7.64 in. (h) x 2.27 in. (w) x 12.76 in. (L))
Weight 8.5 lb. (3.86 kg)
Power 32 Watt Typical
Cooling Passive
Software DO-160D/DO-178B


Sea level to 55,000 feet
-55 °C to +70 °C
-55 °C to +85 °C


Flight path
predictions based on
actual climb performance
Terrain Advisory Line
“Avoid Terrain” alert
Engine-Out performance alert
Turn Extrapolation
Landing convergence prediction
Suppression of Mode 1 and Mode 2 alerts while predictive look-ahead is active
GPS option

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