L3 develops and offers Service Bulletins to satisfy your compliance requirements, enhance current features, add new features and improve reliability. Recommended Service Bulletins will be used to implement modifications, upgrades and retrofits that remove system degraders, improve operational availability and reduce costs over the life cycle of the aircraft.

A complete listing of L3 Service Bulletins can be obtained from the following L3 Technical Publications websites:

CVR/FDR 90-Day Beacon

  • Compliant with FAA TSO-C121b and equivalent EASA ETSO requiring all new CVR/FDR ULBs to comply with the 90-day operation standard, effective March 1 2015
  • L3 has designed ULB Conversion Kits for on-wing retrofit accomplished via ULB replacement and recorder nameplate modification marking (MOD DOT)

FANS Compliance: Data Link Communications

  • Business jets and commercial airliners require their equipment to be compliant with FANS mandates
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) must be capable of recording data link communications -> L3 can provide an SB to incorporate CVR Data Link COMM functionality

TCAS Change 7.1

  • Mandated by EASA for operation in European airspace, but expanding to other Regions
  • Safety enhancements via software upgrade for all TCAS models, specific SBs available for shop or on-wing upgrade

DO-260B for ADTL Mode S Transponder

  • Provides ATDL compliance to DO-260B / DO-181E to meet the global Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) mandates for aircraft that are required to have ADS-B Out capability
  • Upgraded ATDLs are ICAO Level III transponders, capable of both uplink/downlink extended length messaging, also delivering the latest functionality for ICAO ACAS II mandate compliance, European Elementary and Enhanced Mode S Surveillance Downlink of Aircraft Parameters (DAPs), and ADS-B 1090ES extended squitter


  • Major upgrade replacing the previously available NOR Crash Survivable
  • Memory Unit (CSMU) with new NAND CSMU and a variety of other sub-assemblies and hardware, providing  a marked improvement in MTBUR and overall performance and reliability
  • NAND-equipped recorders  are upgraded at L3 and meet higher performance standards, requiring a factory TSO re-certification ; extended 12-month warranty is offered