The LandMark system compares its internal terrain, obstacle and runway database with your aircraft’s position, altitude, speed, track, heading, and phase-of-flight information to generate necessary alerts. The database consists of four distinct types of information listed below, which are updated at different times.

  • Terrain provided by Jeppesen®
  • NavData™ Runways provided by Jeppesen®
  • Obstacles data provided by the FAA
  • Magnetic variation tables provided by NOAA

Terrain Database – updated at irregular intervals whenever new data is available from government sources. Jeppesen® is actively monitoring and evaluating sources of terrain data and will provide updates as new information is available.

Obstacle Database – updated approximately every 56-days on every other AIRAC* cycle when released by the FAA.

Magnetic Variation (MagVar) Tables – provided by NOAA and does not require frequent updates since the data is good for many years.

*AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control)

Checking database version:

To determine if your LandMark datacard contains the most recent information available for any of the four database types, use the Database Version Compare tool below to obtain your database version from your LandMark™ 67DC datacard. Your database version number can be found on the back of your datacard as an XX.XX number and is also reported aurally during the pilot-initiated self test.

North American Database Version (search format ##.## [e.g. 12.01] )

Compare Worldwide Database